Fundraising and Legal Issues

Sometimes what sounds like a truly wonderful idea in theory begins to seem impossible down on paper.  While venturing down different avenues to pursue goals, you might be surprised at how much “red tape” you have to navigate.  You also might find yourself extremely discouraged to find out that a great idea is going to take a great deal more work in order to see the payoff.  You and I both know that anything worth having, though, takes perseverance and stamina…and some insight into how others have mananged to push through despite discouragement.  One of the most frustrating tasks I have found myself are understanding the legal issues in many situations.  Below I have linked to a great article from the “Nonprofit Law Blog“.

While the article may not completely resolve the red tape issue, you might find some ways to avoid potential legal pitfalls.

Top 5 Fundraising Legal Tips

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